The Absent-Minded Professor

“Flying Flivver” Returns to The Walt Disney Company

By Rick Lorentz, Walt Disney Archives

The road leading to the Walt Disney Archives has been traveled by many forms of transportation over the last 50 years. Volkswagen “beetles” from The Love Bug (1997) television movie, and Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) reside in a secret warehouse, side by side. Models of the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of…

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Monsters University

Which Disney School Would You Rule?

By Courtney Potter

“School days, school days… dear old golden rule days.” Yes, it’s back-to-school for students across the country—who are already prepping for big projects, big tests, and big sports games a-plenty. But imagine, if you will, what it might be like to attend a Disney high school or college… y’know, the kind of place (from a favorite…

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Wildcats school ID

Enroll in Your Favorite Disney School with These School ID Photo Frames

By D23 Team

Are you in training to become the best scarer in all of Monstropolis? Was your parent a famous Disney hero? Are you the teenage girl who can save the world? Don’t worry, we’ve got your school ID ready for you! Go back to school the Disney way with these photo frames representing some of our favorite institutions of Disney education: Auradon Prep…

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The Absent-Minded Professor

Hang Time: Disney’s Most Memorable Basketball Game

By Courtney Potter

Disney and basketball… a uniquely entertaining combination that started years before all the collegiate and NBA action on ESPN and ABC. From 1946’s Double Dribble, a Goofy cartoon short in which players (named after various Disney artists) broke every basketball rule in the book, to the Wildcats “gettin’ their head in the game” in…

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Bob Mattey and Walt Disney

Bob Mattey: Master of Mechanical Magic

By Becky Cline

Legendary mechanical effects man Robert A. Mattey Jr. began his Hollywood career in the late 1920s, while visiting his father, a costume jeweler who created the faux coins used in the 1927 epic film The King of Kings. The 16-year-old Bob was fascinated by the production process, and was hooked for life.

Shortly after, Bob began working in motion…

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Professor Brainard and his dog

The Absent-Minded Professor: Did You Know?

By Greg Ehrbar

On March 16, Walt Disney’s mega-hit comedy-fantasy The Absent-Minded Professor turns 55—but the laughter is ageless, from its high-flying Model T antics and gravity-defying basketball game to the its inventive script that moves deftly between all-out zaniness and wry political satire. Along with The Parent Trap, it was one of the five…

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Your Votes Are In. The Award Goes To…

With the Academy Awards® just a few days away, we asked D23 fans on Facebook and Twitter to pick their Disney favorites from our Oscar® ballot and the results are in.

The winners are…

Best Mode of Travel:
Car—The Absent-Minded Professor
Black Pearl—Pirates of the Caribbean
Umbrella—Mary Poppins

Best Character in a…

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Celebrating Disney Characters Who Are Mad as Hatters

Today is a very, very special day. Why, you ask? Well, odds are, it’s your un-birthday—it’s most-assuredly ours! But October 6 is also Mad Hatter Day, the day we celebrate Alice In Wonderland’s eccentric, chapeau-wearing tea party host. We’re definitely raising a cup of tea to the Mad Hatter himself today, but we thought this spectacular holiday marked the…

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Where the Flubber Meets the Road

By Jim Fanning

Familiar with the smash-hit, glowingly reviewed, and Oscar®-nominated film that’s set on a college campus? It’s where a revolutionary new invention gets the whole university bouncing. No, we’re not talking about 2010’s The Social Network. The above accolades reference The Absent-Minded Professor (1961). Walt Disney’s enormously popular funfest of a…

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