Discover Which Guardian of the Galaxy You are in this Out-of-this-World Quiz

By D23 Team

Greetings, earthlings. While you eagerly await the next adventures of the Guardians, set to the sonic backdrop of “Awesome Mix Volume 2,” we’ve found your ticket to cosmic adventure. If you’ve ever wondered where you might fit into a band of intergalactic misfits, now’s your chance to find out. Just answer the questions below and discover which Guardian of the Galaxy you are! Share with your friends and family to fill out the rest of the Super Hero team in your life!

Are you into music?

What song from Awesome Mix Vol. 1 or Awesome Mix Vol. 2 describes you best?

What’s your favorite color?

Are you a team player?

Which Avenger would you want on a team?

What is your secret weapon?

How do you feel about family?

Discover Which Guardian of the Galaxy are You in this Out-of-this-World Quiz
You are: Star-Lord

You got Star-Lord? Awesome, that makes you the coolest dude around! You have the best taste in music, the best dance moves, and the best nickname ever. Everyone is in awe of what a cool and definitely well-known Legendary Outlaw you are. Sometimes you might feel like an outcast, or even like you’re worlds away from your home planet, but you always manage to find the coolest heroes in the Galaxy to jam with.
You are: Gamora

Like Gamora, you’ve let the years toughen you up. You might have had a troubled childhood—perhaps you were trained as an assassin by the most powerful being in the galaxy… or maybe you just got detention a lot in school. Same difference, right? You’re focused on leaving your past behind and helping those who cannot help themselves. Your determined nature is unmatched, but you have a softer side that you reserve for those who earn it.
You are: Drax the Destroyer

Your superhuman strength is only matched by your super loyalty to your family. You are single-minded in mission, but often get distracted by the little things. Others may perceive you as goofy or silly, but they should be careful to not underestimate you. You’re strong enough to face any threat you encounter.
You are: Rocket Raccoon

You know exactly what your focus in life is: money, explosions, and a good time. You may consider yourself an outcast, but it’s OK, because you have a best friend you can always rely on. They can be the brawn because then that makes you the brains: You’re brilliantly creative, always quick with a witty remark, and hungry for the next adventure. You’re one of a kind.
You are: Groot

You might not have a lot to say, but you always leave a big impact on the world around you. You form close friendships and appreciate the simple things in life. You care less about the glamour of an adventurous life and more about making sure those adventurers in your life stay safe. You are Groot.