Ernie, Thornton, Colorado
A: You are correct that the number does not apply to Disney company history. Disney on Ice:  100 Years of Magic started in 2001 when we were celebrating the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. The first Disney ice show, Walt Disney’s World on Ice, debuted in 1981, though there were earlier ice shows, more than 60 years ago, from the Ice Capades which had segments featuring Disney characters. The Disney Company was founded in 1923 (hence D23).
Terry, Pensacola, Florida
A: Disney Educational Productions still has fire safety films available for schools. You can check out their catalog here:
Margie, Midland, Virginia
A: The company’s first annual report was issued in 1940. The Disney Web site has the reports back to 1995. The earlier ones are harder to come by, though some research libraries have full sets. One Internet seller has a CD with the reports back to 1954.
Jennifer, Fremont, California
A: The museum is a project not of the Disney Company but of the Disney family, spearheaded by Walt’s daughter Diane Disney Miller who lives in the San Francisco area. Having the museum in her backyard, so to speak, enables her to keep close tabs on it.
Lindsey, Boston, Massachusetts
A: Thank you, Lindsey; I appreciate the kind words.
Georgina, Kissimmee, Florida
A: The third edition of Disney A to Z was complete at the time of its compilation, which was 2005-2006. Everything from the two previous editions was included, plus new information. There are no current plans for a fourth edition, and as of now, the third edition is not available electronically.  The encyclopedia is updated monthly on the Disney website by clicking here. [Note: A fourth edition was published in 2015 as a Sam's Club exclusive.]
Alissa, Des Moines, Iowa
A: The Walt Disney Archives is a small department, and employees tend to stay a long time.  These days the staff includes not only trained archivists but those who have studied library science, business, history, and other fields. A comprehensive knowledge of Disney is a major plus.
Dennis, Ellis, Kansas
A: In the fall of 1912, Roy O. Disney traveled to the home of his uncle, William Harvey Disney, in Ellis to help with the harvest. Six decades later, I visited the farm and noticed the initials, and when I told Roy about them, he indeed recalled carving them. A few years later, when the building on the farm was being demolished, I requested the block of stone with the initials for the Walt Disney Archives. The family brought it with them on a driving trip to California, and it is in the Archives’ collection in Burbank, California. They also have a few photographs of the farm. You can contact the Archives directly.