Q: Hi Dave! Let me begin by saying thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world so we can all feel like a part of the Disney magic. I do have a question for you. I’m a hopeless romantic and huge Disney fan, and a friend told me once that the actors who play the voices of Mickey and Minnie are married in real life. Is this true? I know many voice actors have portrayed Mickey and Minnie, so I’m not certain if that was ever the case. Also, I know Mickey and Minnie were never actually married, but there is certainly a wealth of merchandise portraying their wedding. Why was that merchandise created if it was never a part of their stories? Are there plans to have them get married?
Krystina, Avondale, Arizona
A: Russi Taylor, who did the voice of Minnie Mouse, and Wayne Allwine, who did the voice of Mickey Mouse, were indeed married. Wayne, sadly, passed away in 2009, the year after he was named a Disney Legend. Russi is still active in voice recording.
Dave Smith