Rocket to the Moon
Q: When Disneyland first opened wasn't there a ride "spaceship to the Moon and back"" or something like that? any information you have will be most appreciated. I remember my parents taking me on a ride to the moon and when we came out hysterically crying. I thought we were still on the moon. I was about 11 years old and I did not want to stay on the moon.
Joan, Palm Coast, Florida
A: The very realistic Rocket to the Moon attraction opened in Tomorrowland on July 22, 1955, just a few days after the park’s opening.  It was originally sponsored by TWA and later by McDonnell-Douglas.  Each sponsor, during their sponsorship, had their logo on the tall upright rocket ship displayed outside the attraction.  It later became Flight to the Moon (1967) and Mission to Mars (1975), finally closing in 1992.