Q: I have inherited from my mother a silkscreen print (so I’m told by an art appraiser) of Donald Duck and Pluto (in army gear) in a row boat. There’s a sign saying “To Tokyo” that is next to them in the water. The rowboat has “P156″ on the back of it. My mother always kept a photo of the U.S.S. General D.E. Aultman, a ship with the number P156, with this drawing. Mom was in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and was stationed at El Toro air base in California. I would like to know any history about this picture. I have spent hours searching online and have never been able to find anything. I will be happy to scan the picture and send to you if that would help in knowing what I’m talking about.
Donna, Shawnee, Kansas
A: This is indeed the insignia that Disney designed for the U.S.S. General D. E. Aultman, a troop transport ship manned by U. S. Coast Guard personnel. It is one of 1,200 insignias Disney designed during World War II. The insignia was requested by the ship’s captain, S. P. Swicegood, drawn by Disney artist Roy Williams, and delivered to the ship in July 1945.
Dave Smith