You Ruined My Life (film)

You Ruined My Life (film) Two-hour television movie; aired on February 1, 1987. Directed by David Ashwell. Minerva, the unruly niece of a casino owner, comes to visit her uncle in Las Vegas. A fired teacher tries to beat the odds at blackjack with a portable computer, but he is caught and is forced to tutor Minerva, since he cannot pay back the money he owes. Stars Soleil Moon Frye (Minerva), Paul Reiser (Dexter Bunche), Mimi Rogers (Charlotte Waring), Allen Garfield (Howie Edwards), Edith Fields (Aunt Hermione), Yoshi Hoover (Yaki), Tony Burton (Moustache), John Putch (Winston), Peter Lind Hayes (Congressman Riley), Mary Healy (Mrs. Riley).