Wild Country, The (film)

Wild Country, The (film) The Tanner family comes from the East to a broken-down homestead in Wyoming, and, in trying to make a go of it, face hardship and opposition from man and nature as they struggle for their water rights and survive cyclone and fire.  In the process, they persevere and mature.  And, after “bringing the law to Jackson’s Hole,” they face a happier future.  Released on January 20, 1971.  Directed by Robert Totten.  100 min.  Stars Steve Forrest (Jim), Jack Elam (Thompson), Ron Howard (Virgil), Frank de Kova (Two Dog), Morgan Woodward (Ab), Vera Miles (Kate), Clint Howard (Andrew), Dub Taylor (Phil).  This film marked the first time in a theatrical film that three members of the Howard family acted together—father, Rance, and sons, Ron and Clint.  Based on the book Little Britches by Ralph Moody, the movie was filmed almost in its entirety in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the original locale of the story.  The diverse scenery provided all the needed locations for the seven-week exterior shooting schedule.  Only one day of inclement weather sent the Disney company to a covered set erected in a barn.  The spectacular twister that plagues the pioneer family was manufactured by seven wind machines from the Disney Studio in Burbank, assisted by three snowplanes from Jackson Hole.  Together they stirred up dark clouds of dust that could be seen for thirty miles.  For the drought sequence, 80 acres of green alfalfa had to be browned with a mixture of white paint, yellow vegetable dye, and chocolate dye, plus the necessary paint thinners.  “And to get it we cleaned out all the paint stores in Jackson and Idaho Falls, and an entire paint factory in Salt Lake City,” said production designer Robert Clatworthy.  Released on video in 1986.