What About Bob? (film)

What About Bob? (film) Saddled with a multitude of phobias, quirky Bob Wiley enlists the help of sane and sensible psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin. But Leo soon discovers that he does not want to be the new “best friend” of his obsessive/compulsive patient. Skipping town for a restful summer holiday with his family, Leo is dismayed when the panicked Bob tracks down the family’s private vacation hideaway and insinuates himself into their lives. The family comes to adore the guest who won’t leave, all except Leo who is driven frantic, to the point where one wonders who is really the crazy one. Released on May 17, 1991. Directed by Frank Oz. A Touchstone film. 99 min. Stars Bill Murray (Bob Wiley), Richard Dreyfuss (Dr. Leo Marvin), Julie Hagerty (Fay Marvin), Charlie Korsmo (Siggy Marvin). Filmed in New York, and at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, which doubled for the New Hampshire resort depicted in the story. Released on video in 1991.