Unstrung Heroes (film)

Unstrung Heroes (film) Steven Lidz is 12 years old and his world is falling apart. Overwhelmed by his life with an ailing mother and an emotionally disturbed father, Steven runs off to live with his two wildly eccentric uncles, Danny and Arthur. Baffled by the tragedies surrounding him, Steven finds solace in the idiosyncrasies of his uncles’ strange and wonderful world, and begins understanding his life. Limited release on September 15, 1995; general release on September 22. A Hollywood Pictures film. Directed by Diane Keaton. Stars Andie MacDowell (Selma Lidz), John Turturro (Sid Lidz), Michael Richards (Danny), Maury Chaykin (Arthur), Nathan Watt (Steven). 93 min. Filmed on location in Los Angeles and Pasadena, California. Released on video in 1996.