Tom and Huck (film)

Tom and Huck (film)  Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn team up to steal a pirate’s treasure map from Injun Joe in order to save an innocent man from being wrongly convicted in court.  Witnessing a heinous crime, they are forced to run away from home.  Presumed lost in the Mississippi River, they must decide whether to come forward and save the innocent man or risk retribution from Injun Joe.  Released on December 22, 1995.  Directed by Peter Hewitt.  Stars Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Tom), Brad Renfro (Huck), Eric Schweig (Injun Joe), Charles Rocket (Judge Thatcher), Amy Wright (Aunt Polly), Michael McShane (Muff Potter), Marian Seldes (Widow Douglas).  Filmed in CinemaScope.  92 min.  Based on the Mark Twain book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  For the movie, the town of Mooresville, Alabama, doubles for Hannibal, Missouri, which today looks too polished as a tourist attraction.  Cathedral Caverns served as the location for Injun Joe’s cave.  Ike Eisenmann, of Disney’s Witch Mountain fame, has a bit part as a taverner.  For its original release, it was combined on a program with Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa in Stand by Me.  Released on video in 1996.