Three Men and a Baby (film)

Three Men and a Baby (film) Happy-go-lucky bachelors, Peter, Michael, and Jack, live together in an avant-garde apartment in New York City. When Jack goes off on a trip telling his roommates to expect a package, the two are amazed to find a baby on their doorstep. Totally inexperienced at caring for a baby, Peter and Michael learn quickly and soon find themselves becoming very protective of “their” baby, as does Jack when he returns. Meanwhile, drug dealers who are after the real package threaten the baby’s safety. The trio foil the dealers, and arrange for baby Mary—and her mother—to live with them permanently. Released on November 25, 1987. Directed by Leonard Nimoy. A Touchstone Picture. 102 min. Stars Tom Selleck (Peter), Steve Guttenberg (Michael), Ted Danson (Jack), Nancy Travis (Sylvia). Filmed primarily in Toronto, with some sequences shot in New York City. A wild rumor ran rampant after the film’s release and moviegoers caught a glimpse of what was reported to be a ghostly figure in the background of one shot. The rumor was that it was the ghost of a child who had lived in the house where the filming took place. The rumor was false. There was no house; the set was built on a soundstage, and the “ghost” turned out to be a prop left inadvertently where it could be seen in the shot. Released on video in 1988.