Three Lives of Thomasina, The (film)

Three Lives of Thomasina, The (film) Thomasina, a big, four-year-old ginger cat, comes to live with widowed veterinary surgeon Andrew MacDhui and his five-year-old daughter Mary, in a little village in Scotland. When the cat is hurt, Andrew “puts her to sleep.” Mary is so heartbroken she accuses her father of killing her beloved pet. So far as Mary is concerned, her father is dead, too. But Thomasina has not died. She has been discovered, still breathing, by Lori MacGregor, a beautiful but mysterious young woman who loves animals and has an almost supernatural ability to cure their ills. Lori brings Thomasina back to life, eventually brings Andrew and little Mary together again, and becomes Andrew’s wife and mother for the little girl. But it is really Thomasina, home again with the MacDhuis, who rules the family. Initial release in New York on December 11, 1963; general release on June 6, 1964. Directed by Don Chaffey. 97 min. Based on Paul Gallico’s story. Stars Patrick McGoohan (Andrew MacDhui), Susan Hampshire (Lori MacGregor), Karen Dotrice (Mary MacDhui), Matthew Garber (Geordie),Vincent Winter (Hughie Stirling), Finlay Currie (Grandpa Stirling), Laurence Naismith (Rev. Angus Peddie), and Espeth March as the voice of Thomasina. Dotrice and Garber were selected by Walt Disney for the major roles of the children in Mary Poppins after he witnessed their performances in this film. Shot at Pinewood Studio, in England, where the entire village of Inveranoch was built, with leftover sets from Disney’s Horse Without A Head. The song “Thomasina” was written by Terry Gilkyson. Released on video in 1985 and 1993.