Terminal Velocity (film)

Terminal Velocity (film) A devil-may-care professional skydiving instructor, Richard “Ditch” Brodie, finds himself hurled into a world of international espionage and intrigue when a beautiful and mysterious woman named Chris signs up for a parachute jump and during her initial free-fall, the chute fails to open. When the FAA unjustly blames Ditch for the woman’s death and closes down his business, the hot-shot instructor takes it upon himself to discover the truth behind the bizarre incident. However, he soon learns that nothing is as it seems—least of all Chris, who turns up alive, and is revealed to be a former deep-cover KGB espionage agent. A Hollywood Pictures film. Filmed in CinemaScope. Released on September 23, 1994. Directed by Deran Sarafian. 102 min. Stars Charlie Sheen (Ditch Brodie), Nastassja Kinski (Chris Morrow), James Gandolfini (Ben Pinkwater), Christopher McDonald (Kerr). Filmed on location in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; San Bernardino, California and the Mojave Desert; and in Moscow. Released on video in 1995.