Rip Girls (television)

Rip Girls (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, first airing on April 22, 2000. Thirteen-year-old Sydney returns to her native Hawaii to claim an inheritance consisting of a faded plantation set on several acres of pristine beachfront property. As the sole heir, she has to decide whether to sell the plantation to land developers or keep it. While at the house, she befriends some local kids and comes to fall in love with the island paradise. Directed by Joyce Chopra. Stars Camilla Belle (Sydney), Dwier Brown (Ben), Stacie Hess (Gia), Brian Christopher Mark (Kona), Jeanne Mori (Malia), Lauren Sinclair (Elizabeth), Keone Young (Bo Kauihau), Kanoa Chung (Kai), Meleana White (Mele).