Rise (film)

Rise (film) After emigrating from Nigeria to Greece, Charles and Vera Antetokounmpo struggle to survive and provide for their 5 children. When they aren’t selling items to tourists on the streets of Athens with the rest of the family, the brothers (Giannis and Thanasis) play basketball with a local youth team and ultimately discover their great abilities. Working hard to become world-class athletes, along with brother Kostas, Giannis enters the NBA Draft in 2013 as a long shot prospect, and he and Thanasis help bring the Milwaukee Bucks their first championship ring in 50 years. Kostas, meanwhile, plays for the previous season champs, the Los Angeles Lakers. Based on a true story. Digitally released June 24, 2022, on Disney+. Directed by Akin Omotoso. Stars Dayo Okeniyi (Charles), Yetide Badaki (Vera), Uche Agada (Giannis), Ral Agada (Thanasis), Jaden Osimuwa (Kostas), Elijah Sholanke (Alex), Manish Dayal (Kevin), Taylor Nichols (John Hammond). 111 min. Antetokounmpo is a Nigerian surname that, according to the Yoruba people of West Africa, means “the crown has returned from overseas.” Filmed on location in Athens. From The Walt Disney Studios.