Return to Never Land (film)

Return to Never Land (film) During World War II, Wendy has grown up and has children of her own. Her daughter, Jane, is kidnapped by Captain Hook and taken to Never Land. He thought she was Wendy, and hoped to use her as bait to catch Peter Pan. Peter rescues Jane, and they, along with Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys, defeat the old pirate. Jane eventually realizes that with faith, trust, and pixie dust, anything is possible. Released on February 15, 2002. Directed by Robin Budd; co-director Donovan Cook. Voices include Harriet Kate Owen (Jane), Blayne Weaver (Peter Pan), Corey Burton (Captain Hook), Jeff Bennett (Smee), Kath Soucie (Wendy), Roger Rees (Edward), Spencer Breslin (Cubby). 72 min. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Released on video in 2002.