Rescue, The (film)

Rescue, The (film) When a group of Navy SEAL officers are captured while on a secret mission off North Korea, the U.S. government hesitates to use force to rescue them, despite the threat of their impending execution as spies. So, at the Navy base, the men’s children steal a top secret plan and go off to rescue their fathers on their own. Sneaking into North Korea, but spurned by South Korean intelligence operatives because of their ages, the kids manage to break into a high-security prison by themselves and effect the rescue under cover of a barrage of fireworks. Released on August 5, 1988. Directed by Ferdinand Fairfax. A Touchstone film. 97 min. Stars Kevin Dillon (J.J. Merrill), Christina Harnos (Adrian Phillips), Marc Price (Max Rothman), Ned Vaughn (Shawn Howard), Ian Giatti (Bobby Howard), Charles Haid (Cmdr. Howard), Edward Albert (Cmdr. Merrill). Filmed entirely on location in Queenstown (and its nearby Whenuapai Air Force Base) and Auckland, New Zealand, and in Hong Kong and Macau. Released on video in 1988.