Redux Riding Hood (film)

Redux Riding Hood (film) In this quirky 1997 short cartoon sequel to the classic fairy tale, the wolf is obsessed with his failure to catch Red Riding Hood. He can’t sleep, he is mocked by his co-workers, and he’s driving his wife crazy. He ultimately devises an outrageous plan to rectify the situation–including the use of a time machine. Directed by Steve Moore. It was released theatrically only for Academy Award consideration in Encino, California, on August 5, 1997. Voices include Garrison Keillor (narrator), Michael Richards (wolf), Mia Farrow (Doris), Don Rickles (wolf’s boss), Lacey Chabert (Red Riding Hood), Adam West (Leonard Fox), Fabio (woodsman), June Foray (grandma), Jim Cummings (Thompkins). Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Nominated for an Academy Award.