One Saturday Morning (television)

One Saturday Morning (television) Two-hour Saturday morning show on ABC, debuting on September 13, 1997, and including Brand Spanking New Doug, Pepper Ann, and Recess, along with segments featuring the Genie from Aladdin, a roving reporter named Manny the Uncanny, the Monkey Boys, Mrs. Munger’s Class, and an educational segment. A series of short segments (90 seconds apiece), entitled “Great Minds Think 4 Themselves, ” aired during the show, featuring Robin Williams as the voice of Genie, taking viewers through a mixed-media overview of the life of great Americans who “thought for themselves”–such as John Muir, Jackie Robinson, Clara Barton, Ben Franklin, and Cesar Chavez. These segments received two Emmy nominations in 1998. Various other segments were utilized in succeeding years. The series ended on September 7, 2002.