One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (film)

One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (film) Lord Southmere, a British intelligence agent, steals a piece of top secret microfilm, the Lotus X, from a Chinese warlord, and hides it in the skeleton of a dinosaur in a London museum after escaping from a Chinese agent, Hnup Wan, who soon recaptures him. Southmere has told his childhood nanny Hettie what has happened and she, aided by a small army of fellow nannies, helps foil the machinations of Hnup and his gang. Released on July 9, 1975. Directed by Robert Stevenson. 94 min. Stars Peter Ustinov (Hnup Wan), Helen Hayes (Hettie), Clive Revill (Quon), Derek Nimmo (Lord Southmere), Joan Sims (Emily), Bernard Bresslaw (Fan Choy), Natasha Pyne (Susan). The film was shot on location in London, including the London Zoo in Regent’s Park, the Natural History Museum in Kensington, Hyde Park, and parts of Soho. The movie was based on the book The Great Dinosaur Robbery by “David Forrest” who was, in actuality, two authors: David Eliades and Bob Forrest Webb. Art director Michael Stringer engaged a team of six modelers who worked for two months replicating two 75-foot-long dinosaur skeletons weighing several tons, which had necks that could bob up and down during the chase sequence. Adding to the 1920s look of the film is a collection of vintage vehicles ranging from a Daimler for Hnup Wan’s limousine to Nanny Emily’s 1920 Godfrey-Nash cyclecar. Released on video in 1986.