Noah (television)

Noah (television) Two-hour television movie, aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on October 11, 1998. Set in modern times, a building contractor, Norman Waters, is asked to build an ark and fill it with animals, two by two. Despite his skepticism, and problems with his three boys, Norman begins the ark and befriends a pet store owner who agrees to supply the animals. Directed by Ken Kwapis. Stars Tony Danza (Norman Waters), Wallace Shawn (Zack), Jane Sibbett (Angela), John Marshall Jones (Ernie), Don McManus (Gavin), Jesse Moss (Levon), Christopher Marquette (Daniel), Michal Suchanek (Benny). For the production, the ark was built in Hoodoo Provincial Park near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Released on video in 2000.