My Date with the President’s Daughter (television)

My Date with the President’s Daughter (television) Two-hour television movie, aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on April 19, 1998. Duncan Fletcher, a somewhat shy high school junior, meets a girl at the mall and asks her to the school’s spring dance. She agrees, but what he does not know is that she is Hallie Richmond, the daughter of the President of the United States. After picking her up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the requisite meeting of parents, Duncan is really flustered, and becomes even more so when Hallie tells him the only way they will have fun is to ditch the Secret Service agents. Directed by Alex Zamm. Stars Dabney Coleman (President Richmond), Will Friedle (Duncan Fletcher), Elisabeth Harnois (Hallie Richmond), Mimi Kuzyk (Caroline Richmond), Wanda Cannon (Rita Fletcher), Jay Thomas (Charles Fletcher). Ron Reagan, Jr., plays a cameo role as the White House security guard. Released on video in 2000.