My Boyfriend’s Back (film)

My Boyfriend’s Back (film) A teen, Johnny Dingle, plots a fake robbery so he can “rescue” a pretty girl, Missy, and get a chance to take her out on a date. When the staged robbery turns out to be a real one, Johnny only manages to protect Missy by getting himself shot. But, before he dies, she promises him that elusive date. Now, even death cannot stop Johnny. He comes back as a zombie, and with the help of his parents, who are willing to adapt to his new flesh-eating ways, and a mad doctor, who attempts to find other ways to keep him alive, Johnny does at last manage to go out with Missy. Despite the help he receives, however, he decomposes, and dies once again. But due to a heavenly error, it is found he should not have died at all, so he is brought back to life and to Missy, who has fallen in love with him. Released on August 6, 1993. Directed by Bob Balaban. A Touchstone film. 85 min. Stars Andrew Lowery (Johnny), Traci Lind (Missy), Bob Dishy (Murray), Paul Dooley (Big Chuck), Danny Zorn (Eddie), Edward Herrmann (Mr. Dingle), Cloris Leachman (Maggie), Austin Pendleton (Dr. Bronson), Jay O. Sanders (Sheriff McCloud), Paxton Whitehead (Judge in heaven), Mary Beth Hurt (Mrs. Dingle). Much of the film was shot in and around Austin, Texas. Released on video in 1994.