Mr. Holland’s Opus (film)

Mr. Holland’s Opus (film) Glenn Holland is a music teacher who had dreams of composing a great symphony but life got in the way. His dream was deferred and he came to regard himself as a failure. But, on his last day at Kennedy High School, after 30 years of instilling his vision and imagination into his students, Holland comes to realize that the true measure of a man’s success can best be seen through the eyes of those he has aided and inspired. Each student thus became a note in a lasting composition—Mr. Holland’s Opus—and they have come to honor their precious and underappreciated teacher. A Hollywood Pictures film from Interscope Communications/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, in association with the Charlie Mopic Company. Released on January 19, 1996, after a December 29, 1995, release in Los Angeles for Academy Award consideration. Directed by Stephen Herek. Stars Richard Dreyfuss (Glenn Holland), Glenne Headly (Iris Holland), Jay Thomas (Bill Meister), Olympia Dukakis (Principal Jacobs), Alicia Witt (Gertrude Lang). The film was shot on location in and around Portland, Oregon, with Grant High School being the school location. Grant High’s drama director brought in many current and former students, who won roles as dancers, musicians, and actors in the film. 145 min. Released on video in 1996.