Mr. Magoo (film)

Mr. Magoo (film)  When a stolen and priceless ruby, the Star of Kuristan, lands in the possession of nearsighted millionaire Quincy Magoo, a sinister plot is hatched to steal it back.  Perpetually the target of evil culprits, the elderly and bumbling curmudgeon Magoo manages to consistently escape unharmed, totally oblivious to the dangers that surround him.  Hunted by robbers and set up by a conniving female thief, the sultry Luanne Leseur, Magoo ultimately nabs the villains with the help of his nephew, Waldo, and his trusty bulldog, Angus, and is hailed a hero.  Released on December 25, 1997.  Directed by Stanley Tong.  Stars Leslie Nielson (Mr. Magoo), Kelly Lynch (Luanne Leseur), Ernie Hudson (Gus Anders), Stephen Tobolowsky (Chuck Stupak), Nick Chinlund (Bob Morgan), Matt Keeslar (Waldo), Malcolm McDowell (Austin Cloquet).  87 min.   Angus, Magoo’s trusty companion, is an English bulldog, actually played by four different bulldogs, three female and one male, dyed with hair coloring to match each other.  Based on the Mr. Magoo cartoons, which were released by UPA Productions beginning in 1949, first in theaters then in a long-running television series. Filming took place on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.