Moon-Spinners, The (film)

Moon-Spinners, The (film) On vacation in Greece, an English woman and her young niece, Nikky, stumble into the midst of intrigue involving a young Englishman and jewel thieves who have hidden their loot in the vicinity of the tourist hotel. The young people survive a series of dangerous escapades with desperately serious criminals who try twice to kill. Determination and ingenuity eventually save the day and the youth not only clears his name, but wins the affection of a much-in-love young English lady. Released on July 2, 1964. Directed by James Neilson. 119 min. Based on Mary Stewart’s best-selling novel. Stars Hayley Mills (Nikky Ferris), Eli Wallach (Stratos), Pola Negri (Madame Habib), Peter McEnery (Mark Camford), Joan Greenwood (Aunt Frances), Irene Papas (Sophia). Pola Negri, the famous silent film star who had not made a film in over 20 years, was personally coaxed out of retirement by Walt Disney to appear as the treacherous Madame Habib. This was Peter McEnery’s Disney film debut, the success of which landed him the title role in The Fighting Prince of Donegal. The film features gorgeous on-location photography in Crete by Paul Beeson, and a memorable musical score by Ron Grainer. “The Moon-Spinners Song” was written by Terry Gilkyson. Released on video in 1985.