Moon Pilot (film)

Moon Pilot (film) Richmond Talbot, a young space scientist, is tricked into volunteering for a space trip to the moon. On a last visit to see his mother he is contacted by Lyrae, a messenger from a planet off in space. They know everything and want to help America get there before the Russians. The FBI moves in when Lyrae makes contact, but she slips through their hands. After a series of comical experiences that confound and confuse the Air Force and the FBI, Lyrae winds up in the space capsule in the arms of Richard, culminating the romance that was gathering impetus as the story unfolded. Instead of going to the moon, they detour to her planet, Beta Lyrae, to meet her folks. Released on February 9, 1962. Directed by James Neilson. 98 min. Stars Tom Tryon (Capt. Richmond Talbot), Brian Keith (Gen. Vanneman), Dany Saval (Lyrae), Tommy Kirk (Walter Talbot), Edmond O’Brien (McClosky), Bob Sweeney (Sen. McGuire), and a mischievous chimp named Cheeta (Charlie). This was the Studio’s first feature film about outer space. The songs, written by the Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, were ““Seven Moons of Beta Lyrae, ” “True Love’s an Apricot, ” and “The Void.” This was Tom Tryon’s only Disney feature film, after a long run as Texas John Slaughter on the Disney television series, as well as director Neilson’s first of several directing efforts for the Disney Studio. Released on video in 1986.