Money for Nothing (film)

Money for Nothing (film) When an unemployed longshoreman, Joey Coyle, finds a bag containing $1.2 million in unmarked, untraceable currency that has fallen off an armored truck, he attempts to keep it, only to find that the cash brings myriad unwanted problems. When a dedicated detective, Pat Laurenzi, begins to close in, Joey and his girlfriend attempt to launder the money through an underworld leader, but even that goes awry, and Joey is soon forced to own up to his mistake. Released on September 10, 1993. Directed by Ramon Menendez. A Hollywood Picture. Filmed in Cinemascope. 100 min. Stars John Cusack (Joey Coyle), Debi Mazar (Monica Russo), Michael Madsen (Det. Laurenzi). Filmed on location in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joey Coyle, upon whose true-life exploits of finding a fortune on February 26, 1981, this film was based, died shortly before the release. Released on video in 1994.