Misadventures of Merlin Jones, The (film)

Misadventures of Merlin Jones, The (film) Merlin Jones is the brightest young student at a small midwestern college. Possessing an extremely high IQ, he is head and shoulders above his fellow classmates, particularly in the field of scientific endeavor. Although admonished by his professor to proceed slowly, he is already applying the results of his research to not only the problems confronting the college, but also to assist some of his fellow students. His efforts as a do-gooder boomerang on all concerned, but eventually everything works out. The application of Merlin’s meager knowledge of extrasensory perception and hypnotism results in some way-out hilarious involvements. Released on January 22, 1964. Directed by Robert Stevenson. 91 min. Stars Tommy Kirk (Merlin Jones), Annette Funicello (Jennifer), Leon Ames (Judge Holmby), Stuart Erwin (Capt. Loomis), Alan Hewitt (Prof. Shattuck), Connie Gilchrist (Mrs. Gossett). Features a musical hit for Annette in the form of the title song written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. This teenage comedy was originally made as a two-parter for the Disney television show, but it turned out so well that Walt decided it deserved a theatrical release, and it was in fact so popular that it led to a sequel—The Monkey’s Uncle. The film was reissued in 1972 and released on video in 1986.