Lot Like Love, A (film)

Lot Like Love, A (film) A pair of dynamic, diametrically opposed twentysomethings—Oliver and Emily—have an initial fateful meeting that sets off sparks, but then seems to go nowhere. Over the next seven years, they continue to meet through changing careers and different relationships. There always seems to be plenty keeping them apart, and yet there is also something utterly inexplicable pulling them together. Released on April 22, 2005. A Touchstone Pictures/Beacon Pictures film. Directed by Nigel Cole. Stars Ashton Kutcher (Oliver Martin), Amanda Peet (Emily Friehl), Ty Giordano (Graham Martin), Melissa Van der Schyff (Carol Martin), Taryn Manning (Ellen Martin), Kathryn Hahn (Michelle).  107 min. The film uses more than 55 locations, from New York’s Chinatown to Los Angeles’ El Matador Beach.