Jungle Book 2, The (film)

Jungle Book 2, The (film) Mowgli now lives in the man village, and he loves his new family and friends, especially his feisty little stepbrother Ranjan and his best pal Shanti, the girl who initially wooed Mowgli from the jungle. But Mowgli misses his buddy Baloo, who likewise pines for his little man-cub. Baloo isn’t the only one hoping to see Mowgli again soon—Shere Khan impatiently awaits his revenge. When Mowgli sneaks away to the jungle, the chase is on to see who will find Mowgli first—his old pals, his new family, or the man-eating tiger. Released on February 14, 2003, after earlier releases on February 5 in France and February 7 in Sweden. From DisneyToon Studios. Directed by Steve Trenbirth. Voices include John Goodman (Baloo), Haley Joel Osment (Mowgli), Mae Whitman (Shanti), Tony Jay (Shere Khan), Bob Joles (Bagheera), John Rhys-Davies (Ranjan’s father), Phil Collins (Lucky), Connor Funk (Ranjan), Jim Cummings (Kaa/Colonel Hathi/M.C. Monkey). 72 min. Released on video in 2003.