Invisible Sister (television)

Invisible Sister (TV) A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on Oct. 9, 2015. Cleo, an introverted young science prodigy in New Orleans, accidentally turns her popular older sister, Molly, invisible while working on a class project. Cleo, who has always lived in Molly’s shadow, is forced to step outside her comfort zone and take the place of her older sister on the day of an important lacrosse game. The two sisters gain a better understanding of one another and themselves while relying on each other as never before. They rush to find an antidote for Cleo’s experiment before Molly’s invisibility becomes permanent. Directed by Paul Hoen. Stars Rowan Blanchard (Cleo), Paris Berelc (Molly), Karan Brar (George), Rachel Crow (Nikki), Will Meyers (Carter), Austin Fryberger (The Coug), Alex Désert (Mr. Perkins). Inspired by the book My Invisible Sister by Beatrice Colin and Sara Pinto.