Intelligence (television)

Intelligence (television) Hour-long dramatic thriller on CBS, debuted on January 7, 2014, and ending March 31, 2014. Gabriel is a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the worldwide information grid and have complete access to Internet, WiFi, telephone, and satellite data. He can hack into any data center and access key intel in the fight to protect the U.S. from its enemies. Stars Josh Holloway (Gabriel), Marg Helgenberger (Lillian Strand), Meghan Ory (Riley Neal), Michael Rady (Chris Jameson), James Martinez (Gonzalo Rodriguez), John Billingsley (Dr. Cassidy), P.J. Byrne (Nelson Cassidy). Produced by ABC Television Studios in association with CBS Television Studios.