Inspector Gadget (film)

Inspector Gadget (film) A mild-mannered security officer, John Brown, is blown to pieces by a nefarious villain, but is then rebuilt into a resourceful detective by the beautiful scientist Brenda Bradford. Fourteen thousand useful and handy devices are stored all over his body, making Inspector Gadget a virtual human Swiss army knife, and helping inspire him to become the world’s top detective. When faced with the insanely wealthy and evil Sanford Scolex, the often clueless Gadget must use all his common sense and robotic parts to save not only his good name but the world as well. A Walt Disney Picture in association with Caravan Pictures. Directed by David Kellogg. Released on July 23, 1999. Stars Matthew Broderick (John Brown/Inspector Gadget), Rupert Everett (Sanford Scolex), Joely Fisher (Brenda Bradford), Michelle Trachtenberg (Penny). 78 min. Based on the animated series produced by DIC Entertainment. Released on video in 1999.