Inspector Gadget 2 (film)

Inspector Gadget 2 (film) Direct-to-video sequel. In idyllic Riverton, the evildoer Dr. Claw escapes from jail and plots to steal trillions of dollars worth of gold. After half-human, half-robot Inspector Gadget is taken off the case because of glitches in his machinery, he is replaced by the gorgeous and superior G2. Released on March 11, 2003. Directed by Alex Zamm. Stars French Stewart (Inspector Gadget), Elaine Hendrix (G2), Tony Martin (Dr. Claw), Bruce Spence (Baxter), Caitlin Wachs (Penny), Mark Mitchell (Chief Quimby), Sigrid Thornton (Mayor Wilson), John Batchelor (McKible), James Wardlaw (Brick). Filmed in Brisbane, Australia.