In Justice (television)

In Justice (television) One-hour drama series debuted on ABC on January 1, 2006, and ended March 31, 2006. Every year, hundreds of innocent men and women are convicted of crimes they did not commit. The innocent have finally found a champion in a blustery but legendary litigator named David Swayne. Swayne is head of the Justice Project, a high-profile, nonprofit organization of hungry young associates who fight to liberate the falsely accused and discover the identify of those really to blame. Swayne is ego driven, but he has a partner, crackerjack investigator and ex-cop Charles Conti, to keep him honest. Stars Kyle MacLachlan (David Swayne), Jason O’Mara (Charles Conti), Constance Zimmer (Brianna), Daniel Cosgrove (Jon), Larissa Gomes (Tina). From Touchstone Television.