Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, The (film)

Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, The (film) A Disney+ original animated film from Bardel Entertainment; digitally released January 28, 2022. The thrill-seeking possum brothers Crash and Eddie are desperate for some distance from their older sister, Ellie, and set out to find a place of their own, but quickly find themselves trapped in the Lost World, a massive underground cave. They are rescued by their one-eyed pal, the adventure-loving, dinosaur-hunting weasel Buck Wild, and together, with the help of some new friends, embark on a mission to save the Lost World from dinosaur domination. Directed by John C. Donkin. Voices include Simon Pegg (Buck), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Orson), Justina Machado (Zee), Vincent Tong (Crash), Aaron Harris (Eddie). 80 min. Disney acquired the Ice Age movie franchise, which began in 2002, as part of its purchase of 21st Century Fox in 2019.