Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (film)

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (film) Sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; Wayne Szalinski’s new invention is a ray that expands molecules when they come into contact with electricity, with the unexpected experiment being his own young son, Adam. The toddler wanders in front of the ray, and before long is 112 feet tall, getting even bigger each time he encounters electricity, and heading straight for the bright lights of Las Vegas. Released on July 17, 1992. Directed by Randall Kleiser. 89 min. Stars Rick Moranis (Wayne Szalinski), Marcia Strassman (Diane Szalinski), Lloyd Bridges (Clifford Sterling), Robert Oliveri (Nick), John Shea (Charles Henderickson). For the production, the filmmakers were given permission to block off Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Also filmed in Simi Valley, California. Special effects wizards relied on both miniature sets and huge props. Released on video in 1993.