Heavyweights (film)

Heavyweights (film) An overweight teen, Gerry, and his friends at Camp Hope are forced to spend their vacation with an out-of-control fitness freak and prepare for the end-of-summer Apache Games with their muscle-bound rivals from Camp MVP. Eventually the overweight campers oust their leader, implement sensible diet and training programs of their own, and use their smarts to outwit the Camp MVPers. Released on February 17, 1995. 98 min. Directed by Steven Brill. In association with Caravan Pictures. Stars Tom McGowan (Pat), Aaron Schwartz (Gerry), Shaun Weiss (Josh), Tom Hodges (Lars), Leah Lail (Julie), Paul Feig (Tim), Jeffrey Tambor (Maury Garner), Jerry Stiller (Harvey Bushkin), Anne Meara (Alice Bushkin). Released on video in 1995.