Guardian, The (film)

Guardian, The (film) Legendary Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Ben Randall becomes the sole survivor of a deadly crash at the height of a massive storm. In the wake of the accident, he is sent against his will to teach at “A” School—the elite training program that turns young recruits into the best and bravest of Rescue Swimmers. Reeling with grief and regret, Ben throws himself into teaching the only way he knows how, turning the entire program upside down with his unconventional training methods. But Ben understands exactly what’s at stake—his students will one day have to make tough decisions between who dies and who lives. When he knocks heads with cocky swimming champ Jake Fischer, Ben sees someone with what it takes to be the best of the best—if only he can combine his raw talent with the heart and dedication necessary and avoid the mistakes that Ben himself has made. Heading out on his first treacherous mission to the fierce, turbulent waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea, Jake will have to put all that he’s learned into action as he discovers just what it means to truly risk everything. Directed by Andrew Davis. A Touchstone Picture. Released on September 29, 2006. Stars Kevin Costner (Ben Randall), Ashton Kutcher (Jake Fischer), Sela Ward (Helen Randall), Emily Thomas (Melissa Sagemiller), Bonnie Bramlett (Maggie McGlone), Clancy Brown (Capt. Bill Hadley), Neal McDonough (Jack Skinner), John Heard (Frank Larson), Brian Geraghty (Hodge), Dulé Hill (Ken Weatherly), Shelby Fenner (Cate). Created with the full cooperation of the Coast Guard. The film was originally slated to shoot in New Orleans in 2005, but the crew was forced to move to Shreveport, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina struck, shattering much of the city.