Freaky Friday (film)

Freaky Friday (film) A harried mother thinks her 13-year-old daughter’s life is a bed of roses. The daughter is similarly envious of her mother. Each wishes she could trade places with the other, and miraculously, one freaky Friday they exchange bodies. While Mom is experiencing the hilarious horrors of junior high school, the teenager is finding out what it’s like to be an overburdened wife and mother. Both are glad to see the end of that day. Released initially in L.A. on December 17, 1976; general release on January 21, 1977. Directed by Gary Nelson. 98 min. Stars Jodie Foster (Annabel), Barbara Harris (Ellen), John Astin (Bill), Patsy Kelly (Mrs. Schmauss), Dick Van Patten (Harold), Vicki Schreck (Virginia), Sorrell Booke (Mr. Dilk), Ruth Buzzi (opposing coach), Kaye Ballard (Coach Betsy). Based on the book by Mary Rodgers. The song “I’d Like to Be You For a Day” was written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn. Los Angeles locations were used for the major part of the film, though the dedication at the marina was shot at San Diego’s beautiful Mission Bay. Released on video in 1982 and 1992.