Father of the Bride, Part II (film)

Father of the Bride, Part II (film) After George Banks has finally recovered from his daughter’s wedding, he receives a double shock. First his daughter announces that he is going to be a grandfather, and then his own wife announces that she also is pregnant. George feels that he is much too young to be a grandfather, and way too old to be a father again. Coming along to coordinate a double baby shower, is Franck Eggelhoffer, who had arranged the daughter’s wedding. Directed by Charles Shyer. A Touchstone film. Released on December 8, 1995. Stars Steve Martin (George), Diane Keaton (Nina), Kimberly Williams (Annie), George Newbern (Bryan), Kieran Culkin (Matty), Martin Short (Franck). 106 min. Sequel to the 1991 film Father of the Bride. The production filmed at an Eastern Colonial-style house in Pasadena, California. Released on video in 1996.