Father of the Bride (film)

Father of the Bride (film) After 22 years of being a father to his little girl, Annie, George Banks finds it hard to cope with the fact that she is grown up and ready to marry. He is unable to warm up to his future son-in-law, Bryan MacKenzie, and grumbles every step of the way as their wedding is planned. A flamboyant wedding adviser named Franck only makes matters worse. Eventually the wedding is held and George accepts the new couple. Released on December 20, 1991. Directed by Charles Shyer. A Touchstone film. 105 min. Stars Steve Martin (George Banks), Diane Keaton (Nina Banks), Kimberly Williams (Annie Banks), Martin Short (Franck Eggelhoffer), George Newbern (Bryan MacKenzie). Based on the novel by Edward Streeter; a remake of an MGM motion picture from 1950 that had starred Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Bennett. The house exterior was filmed in Pasadena, California, with the wedding scene filmed in the Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Monica. The character name of George Banks is coincidentally the same as that of the father in Mary Poppins. Released on video in 1992.