Enemy of the State (film)

Enemy of the State (film) A chance encounter with an old friend destroys Robert Dean’s fast-track career and happy home life when he is framed for a murder by a corrupt intelligence official. As an administrator within the National Security Agency, Thomas Brian Reynolds sees his role as being the ultimate guardian of the United States, and when stakes are high, he believes he must bend the rules to protect her secrets. He thus appropriates the vast resources of his department to commit the perfect crime and conceal a political cover-up of the murder of a congressman by government agents. Dean’s only hope to reclaim his life and prove his innocence is a man he’s never met, a mysterious underground information broker and ex-intelligence operative known only as Brill. A Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Production in association with Touchstone Pictures. Directed by Tony Scott. Released on November 20, 1998. Stars Will Smith (Robert Dean), Jon Voight (Thomas Brian Reynolds), Gene Hackman (Brill), Regina King (Carla Dean), Loren Dean (Hicks), Jake Busey (Krug), Barry Pepper (David Platt), Jason Lee (Daniel Zavitz), Gabriel Byrne (NSA agent), Lisa Bonet (Rachel Banks). 132 min. CinemaScope. Filming took place around Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and in Los Angeles. For a tunnel sequence, several cars had to be cut in pieces, lowered through a manhole, then rebuilt 20 feet underground. Released on video in 1999.