Emperor’s New School, The (television)

Emperor’s New School, The (television) Animated series, debuting on Disney Channel on January 27, 2006, and on ABC Kids on January 28. The teenage Kuzco, a self-centered but lovable wise guy, is first in line to be emperor but before he can officially claim the throne, he must graduate from school. Kuzco’s biggest obstacle is the evil Yzma and her dimwitted yet good-natured sidekick Kronk who are determined to make Kuzco fail. While pursuing his diploma, Kuzco is banished from the royal palace and forced to live with commoner Pacha and his family. Despite their sometimes turbulent relationship, Pacha is like a father to him while Kuzco relies on his friend (and biggest crush) Malina to help him navigate schoolwork. Voices include JP Manoux (Kuzco), Patrick Warburton (Kronk), Eartha Kitt (Yzma), Jessica DiCicco (Malina), Wendie Malick (Chicha), Fred Tatasciore (Pacha), Rip Taylor (Royal Records Keeper). From Walt Disney Television Animation.