Empire (television)

Empire (television) An epic six-hour miniseries, airing on ABC beginning June 28, 2005, and ending July 26. In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar returns from triumphs in Spain to a neglected republic and a corrupt senate drunk with power. Though he’s hailed as a hero by the masses, the senate is wary of Caesar’s plans that might place him in a position of ultimate power. Brutus and Cassius plot against Caesar, who is protected by Tyrannus, Rome’s finest warrior. The senate manages to separate Tyrannus from Caesar by kidnapping his son––a diversion to get Tyrannus out of the way while Brutus assassinates the great conqueror. As he is drawing his last breath, Caesar swears Tyrannus to protect his successor, Octavius, his 18-year-old nephew. Tyrannus and Octavius are forced into exile, where they are joined by Agrippa, a young soldier, and Camane, a vestal virgin. Together they strive to help Octavius fulfill his destiny and become emperor. Directed by John Gray and Greg Yaitanes. Stars include Jonathan Cake (Tyrannus), Santiago Cabrera (Octavius), Emily Blunt (Camane), Chris Egan (Agrippa), Vincent Regan (Mark Antony), Colm Feore (Julius Caesar), Trudie Styler (Servilia), James Frain (Brutus). Filmed on location in south central Italy and at Cinecitta Studios. From Storyline Entertainment and Touchstone Television.