Emil and the Detectives (film)

Emil and the Detectives (film) Emil, on his first trip to Berlin, carries money to his grandmother, a mission of great responsibility, but a pickpocket cannot resist robbing the boy while he is napping on the bus. Awakening in time, Emil follows the crook and with the aid of a group of resourceful boys his age (the Detectives) comes upon a rendezvous with two master thieves who are engaged in a plan to rob the Bank of Berlin. Because of the pickpocket’s inability to resist petty theft, he causes the collapse of the big job they might have gotten away with had it not been for Emil and the Detectives. Released on December 18, 1964. Directed by Peter Tewksbury. 99 min. Stars Walter Slezak (Baron), Bryan Russell (Emil), Roger Mobley (Gustav), Heinz Schubert (Grundeis), Peter Erlich (Muller), Cindy Cassell (Pony), Elsa Wagner (Nana), Wolfgang Volz (Stucke). The film was made on location in Germany, and was based on a book by Erich Kastner. Released on video in 1987. Serialized on the new Mickey Mouse Club as The Three Skrinks.