Distinguished Gentleman, The (film)

Distinguished Gentleman, The (film) When Florida congressman Jeff Johnson dies, small-time con artist Thomas Jefferson Johnson scams his own name onto the ballot. Launching a campaign based on pure name recognition, he pulls off his biggest hustle yet when he manages to get elected. He quickly finds to his delight that he is raking in sums he never dreamed of without doing anything illegal. But when Thomas becomes aware of the effect of Congress’s greed and chicanery on the general public, and the plight of a little girl in particular, he decides to turn the tables on Washington’s business as usual, and shakes the establishment to its foundations. Released on December 4, 1992. Directed by Jonathan Lynn. A Hollywood Picture. 112 min. Stars Eddie Murphy (Thomas Jefferson Johnson), Lane Smith (Dick Dodge), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Miss Loretta), Joe Don Baker (Olaf Andersen), Victoria Rowell (Celia Kirby), Grant Shaud (Arthur Reinhardt), Kevin McCarthy (Terry Corrigan). While much of the filming took place in Washington, D.C., restrictions on filming around the Capitol necessitated a search for a substitute, and it was the State Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that doubled for the U.S. Capitol. Additional filming took place in Baltimore, Maryland. Released on video in 1993.