Disorganized Crime (film)

Disorganized Crime (film) In a small town in Montana, cunning criminal Frank Salazar has planned the perfect bank robbery and sent invitations to four heist experts for help, only to be arrested by two New Jersey cops who had been following him. The four strangers soon arrive and find themselves in a quandary—what were they gathered to do? How are they to do it? The four dislike each other, but strive to work together, even without a leader, for what they hope will be a major payoff. Meanwhile Salazar escapes, and the cops are confounded by his actions as well as those of the bank robbers. There are miscues by both sides as they bungle their operations. Released on April 14, 1989. Directed by Jim Kouf. A Touchstone film. 101 min. Stars Hoyt Axton (Sheriff Henault), Corbin Bernsen (Frank Salazar), Rubén Blades (Carlos Barrios), Fred Gwynne (Max Green), Ed O’Neill (George Denver), Lou Diamond Phillips (Ray Forgy), Daniel Roebuck (Bill Lonigan), William Russ (Nick Bartowski). Filmed on location around Hamilton, Montana. Released on video in 1989.